Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I can do it!

I really wish I was more of a computer person but I'm really not. Well a lot has been going on in the Bush fam. Our truck that was stolen, almost 3 months ago, was returned to us Praise Jesus!!! Very exciting! And the kids are doing so great in school! Eythan is in the 4th grade can't hardly believe he is that big! Ema is in her 2nd grade year but in 3rd grade level in all her work (we don't tell her that because she brags about being ahead to everyone)! And my Ember is doing great in kindergarden! Mostly A's one B this last quarter! We've shared our home with a family for a month and a half now with a family of 4 that's a good way to grow I tell ya! Oh my kids have a new pet! A guine pig named Munchie. So cute! they love her and the day has come that they are responsible for her! Talk to ya later!!!:)

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