Friday, August 14, 2009


I cute 14 inches off Ema's hair and 6 inches off Embers! Me, I got a new style and Eythan his hair is longer!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I can do it!

I really wish I was more of a computer person but I'm really not. Well a lot has been going on in the Bush fam. Our truck that was stolen, almost 3 months ago, was returned to us Praise Jesus!!! Very exciting! And the kids are doing so great in school! Eythan is in the 4th grade can't hardly believe he is that big! Ema is in her 2nd grade year but in 3rd grade level in all her work (we don't tell her that because she brags about being ahead to everyone)! And my Ember is doing great in kindergarden! Mostly A's one B this last quarter! We've shared our home with a family for a month and a half now with a family of 4 that's a good way to grow I tell ya! Oh my kids have a new pet! A guine pig named Munchie. So cute! they love her and the day has come that they are responsible for her! Talk to ya later!!!:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok I know that it been way too long and we have had some crazy things happening around hear! In January...Ema turned 8! She is so beautiful and I can't believe she's so big! We also had our truck stolen right out of our drive way! Crazy! God is supper amazing though, we have a new truck that is more than we could have ever asked or thought to have! Its an 2003 GNC Denali, get this only 26,000 miles, still smells new! We are no longer on staff at The River Community Church because they had to close there doors. Not going into detail but it is a good thing and we are back at Destiny church and loving it! February, I ask TG to put some flooring down in our bathroom that we had, had for oh 5 months or so. This is all I wanted for Valentines! New bamboo flooring! I was so excited! So Sat. of Valentines weekend we got up removed the toilet and vanity, I was to paint my vanity and TG was to replace the floor.... Ok my hubby can't do any thing 1/2 way so I ended up with a full bath remodel that took a week and a half. A custom shower, new vanity, granite counter top, new flooring(of course)& new toilet! Its awesome! My kids are still in dance, Hip hop and break dance and loving every min.! They have preformed at recitals and in a church talent shows. Eythan has become quite passionate about break dance so much so his instructor invited him to be in a break class that the age starts at 11 and you have to be invited to be in! Very exciting to see your kids get passionate about something! Life is good at the Bush home a lot is still coming up in our lives. I really do enjoy sharing my life with the few of you that read my blog. I will post pic.s soon of all these wonderful things going on in our lives. 'Till next time.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter wonderfun!!!!!

Winter wonderfun!!!!!

Our fun in the SNOW in Farmington N.M. The kids had so much fun at my parent house in the snow! My parents have a 4 wheeler and boy did we have fun! This was the highlight of our trip for me! I LOVE the SNOW!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Month of December

Christmas WOW it comes so fast as an adult. I remember thinking as a child it was sooooo long till Christmas and when will it ever get here! Well now it slams me and almost drowned me. All the planning and parties! Oh the fun of shopping! And the decorating! I truly love Christmas I love giving gifts! Watching people open gift is so awesome especially kids! They are so excited! And funny too! I wish I was good at all this blog stuff but I'm not so good and don't seem to have the time to spend on it to get better so here are some random pictures of this month I want to share with you!