Monday, August 18, 2008

An Adoption conversation with my kids...

A few days ago the kids and I were having a conversation about faith. We have been reading in the book of Mark about Jesus and all the miracles he did. Anyway,I was telling them to not ever give up on praying for our children we are someday going to adopt. "Anything is possible if a person believes." mark 9:23 I shared with them.(little history we have been praying and talking about adoption with our kids for about 3 years and Eythan has seriously prayed every day for them for the past 3 years!Without fail every night he prays "Jesus bless us with our brothers and sisters!" Almost 2 years ago we started the adoption proses and then moved back to Tulsa which put everything on hold until new house, job ect.....)Then I proceeded to answer questioned like "why can't we get on a plain and go get them tomorrow?" "How come it cost so much to get kids?" "What are we ganna do to get them?" so I told them we need to pray and ask God for creative ideas to raise money to bring them home. Then I had an idea!!!! We got this funny empty hair tie jar the girls had and I told them we could start putting all our change in it for our kids!They got so excited they put all the money they had in it!!!!! Ema and Ember had been saving and saving for MP3 players and needless to say were pretty close to getting them. I said girls you don't have to put all your money in the jar. They told me they would rather have there brothers and sisters then an MP3player! Oh me of little faith, Lord I want to have bigger faith!!!!We cry ed mostly me at what beautiful children God has given me. My treasures from heaven!

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